Outer Muse

Over the past few months, we have been working with Gina Simonelli of Outer Muse to help her create a platform for her brand new fashion blog. After months of photoshoots and outfit planning, Gina has launched her site and is sharing all of her inspirations for finding affordable, fashionable looks. 

Gina has dreamed about starting a fashion blog for years and after a conversation with her friend who owns a small business, she decided to take the leap. 

"I talked to her about the blog I’ve dreamed of doing and she asked me why I haven’t pursued it yet," Gina said. "I told her I was afraid to fail. She said to me 'do you know that voice in your head that is always eating at you and telling you you’re meant to do this? If you don’t try, that voice will never go away.'" 

It was that advice that inspired Gina to finally take the leap to start Outer Muse. Gina hopes to create a space on the internet that shows people that they can love their style without needing to spend a lot of money. 

"There are ways to get creative by taking what you already own and making it special with little to no cost," Gina said. 

In the short term, Gina is looking towards gaining her first 1K followers on Instagram (go follow her here); and has many exciting blog series planned for the future. 


Kara Jean

As a photographer, it is so much fun to work with models that have a similar vision as you do and who are so good at turning your visions into a reality---and it's even better when they make it better than your vision. 

That was the case when working with Kara. Kara was immediately excited and ready to collaborate. We had so much fun working with her, even though it was deceptively freezing outside. Thank you for being amazing and working hard to create the best photos. 


Glitter Twins

We loved shooting with glitter makeup so much last month that we wanted to do it again, only this time we wanted to do it with two people. We love photoshoots where two models interact with each other; we feel as if each person adds another layer of storyline to the photo. 

Thank you to Ellery and Zhenya for being incredible!


Rachel Nicole

One of our favorite things about living in Milwaukee is the incredible community that is here. There are so many talented creatives and they're always up to collaborate. We had so much fun hanging out with Rachel Nicole on a rainy fall day in the woods. Although the rain wasn't planned or asked for, it made for an incredibly atmospheric shoot. 





Bordeaux Blvd

Last week, the temperatures dropped, daylight savings time was here and we decided that it would be fun to go galavanting the streets of Milwaukee with Katherine from Bordeaux Blvd

Katherine is a Milwaukee fashion blogger, Harry Potter lover, and has the greatest sense of sarcastic humor. 

Katherine originally started sharing her outfits on Instagram and soon felt like that platform didn't give her enough space to say everything she wanted to say. So, she started her blog. The platform of a blog not only finally gave her a space to speak, but gave her a community as well. 

"Something I wasn’t expecting was for people to actually care about what I shared and talked about," Katherine said. "Being someone who loves fashion, I am always looking to other women for inspiration so to think I can do that for others is very motivating."

Something that motivates Katherine is seeing other people's sense of fashion and appreciating it, even if it's not something she would wear herself. 

"Their style makes them who they are and I love them for that," Katherine said. 

Katherine hopes that everyone embraces their own sense of style, and in return, embraces their true selves. 

"Don’t try and be someone else because you have so much to offer this world," Katherine said. 


Bavlnka Brand

We met Laura Bavlnka of Bavlnka Brand on a rooftop in Milwaukee. She tapped Kaitlyn on the shoulder and said she recognized us from Instagram. We knew immediately that we wanted to work together. 

A few weeks later, we directed and shot a photoshoot featuring her new fashion line that she had debuted at Milwaukee Fashion Week earlier this year. 

Laura's passion for design started when she was just seven-years-old when she started making clothes for her Barbies. She learned how to sew in her teens and became enamored with the idea of wearable art. 

Laura's first collection (the one featured below) is an expression of what she loves:

"I️ wanted to evoke a sense of freedom in the clothing, and have the show of it be just very ethereal and easy," Laura said. "It’s sort of a reflection on my own personal journey and where I’m at right now."

Earlier this year, this freedom came to Laura when she left her corporate job as a girl's fashion designer at Kohl's to pursue her love of fashion and design in her own brand.

"I had the realization that right now was the best time in my life to take such a big risk, and I have had no regrets," Laura said. 

Currently, Laura is working on new wardrobe capsules along with home decor. 

A huge shout-out to all of our models (Emily, Elayna, and Zhenya) for being incredible and for braving the freezing rain to get these shots. 

DSC03977 (1).jpg

What Riva Wore

A couple weekends ago, we shot with Milwaukee Blogger, Riva from What Riva Wore.  Riva started her first blog about eight years ago and decided to start a new blogging venture after people on Instagram started asking her for style and fashion advice. 

Riva created What Riva Wore last spring and has a loyal and interactive audience. To make sure that she was producing genuine and strong content, Riva took a lot of time studying what she liked about her own favorite bloggers. 

"I love seeing how they engaged with other people and really truly connect with other people," Riva said. 

Blogging has been a rewarding experience for Riva, especially when it comes to communicating and working with local businesses, boutiques, and museums. Another aspect of blogging that Riva has loved is the business aspect. 

"I have also learned what it feels like to have my own business," Riva said. "Doing whatever I want and seeing the rewards of working hard."

Riva is taking her blog day by day and is simply enjoying the ride that she's on. She wants to stay authentic and true to herself while continuing to make the content that she loves. Her advice to other creatives that are interested in starting their own blog is along the same lines: 

"Stay authentic, don't take it too seriously and ultimately, just have fun with it."

Check out Riva on her Instagram page and over at her blog.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 7.49.26 AM.png

Sunrise in the Lake

A few weeks ago, we joined Zhenya (from Being Zhenya) early in the morning and went for a little sunrise swim. The water was bitterly cold, but the sun and waves made it incredibly peaceful. Armed with coffee and towels, we jumped in the lake to capture the natural beauty of the moment.  It truly pays to be a morning person (and to have friends who are willing to jump in lakes with you). 

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 8.03.44 AM.png