What Riva Wore

A couple weekends ago, we shot with Milwaukee Blogger, Riva from What Riva Wore.  Riva started her first blog about eight years ago and decided to start a new blogging venture after people on Instagram started asking her for style and fashion advice. 

Riva created What Riva Wore last spring and has a loyal and interactive audience. To make sure that she was producing genuine and strong content, Riva took a lot of time studying what she liked about her own favorite bloggers. 

"I love seeing how they engaged with other people and really truly connect with other people," Riva said. 

Blogging has been a rewarding experience for Riva, especially when it comes to communicating and working with local businesses, boutiques, and museums. Another aspect of blogging that Riva has loved is the business aspect. 

"I have also learned what it feels like to have my own business," Riva said. "Doing whatever I want and seeing the rewards of working hard."

Riva is taking her blog day by day and is simply enjoying the ride that she's on. She wants to stay authentic and true to herself while continuing to make the content that she loves. Her advice to other creatives that are interested in starting their own blog is along the same lines: 

"Stay authentic, don't take it too seriously and ultimately, just have fun with it."

Check out Riva on her Instagram page and over at her blog.

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