Styling Graphic Tees

Everyone always says that fashion is a way to express yourself. Obviously, I think this is true and I always have tried to use my clothing to convey who I am and what I'm thinking. 

Recently, I've embraced the use of graphic tees to help express those beleifs. 

Admittedly, yes, I was one of those kids in middle school whose entire wardrobe was filled with sassy (and oftentimes stupid) t-shirts from the men's section, but I'd like to think that my taste in graphic tees has evovled since then. 

The second Senator Mitch McConnell tried to "insult" Elizabeth Warren stating that "Nevertheless, she persisted," I called my best friend and co-owner, Natalie of The Crybaby Club and told her that we needed to make a shirt that said this. 

We ended up creating a shirt that says, "She Persists" for all of the women in our lives that have been faced with resistance or hardships and have kept going. 

"She Persists" Tee:The Crybaby Club//Jeans: Charlotte Russe //Jacket: H&M//Shoes: Saks off 5th (similar shoe)

I grew up being a storyteller. I would write stories in my basement with my brother instead of watching cartoons. I always loved telling stories because they helped people share feelings. As I got older, I discovered the power of storytelling helps spread empathy. 

Since then, I have been devoted through telling stories of people from all walks of life in order to help spread this emapthy. I truly believe that hate is rooted in misunderstanding. If we start to listen and start to understand each other, peace is possible. 

"Peace Starts With Empathy"Tee: Wholesome Culture//Skirt from Target a few years ago. Similar Skirts here: Forever 21 ; Target  //Shoes: Franco Sarto 

What are some of your favorite graphic tees?