Two Days in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a city that is a perfect weekend getaway for anyone living in Milwaukee. 

Kaitlyn's brother lives in Minneapolis, so a few weekends ago, we took a mini-road trip up north from Milwaukee to go visit. 

We have each been to Minneapolis several times and every time the city is ever-growing in culture, food, art and spaces. It's always exciting to see what's new in the city. 

Over a two-day weekend, we were able to explore and walk around downtown Minneapolis and window shop through new and hip shops and enjoy the ever-changing skyline of the city. 

We also visited the free and beautiful Como Park. It's a conservatory and zoo with beautiful greenhouses and its own bonzai gardens. There are four main greenhouses that feature plants and animals from different climates, including a three-toed sloth!

If you go on the weekend, it's usually pretty crowded with family and kids, but it's worth it to go. 


The Bachelor Farmer

One of Alex's favorite restaurants is The Bachelor Farmer, a renovated brick building that is modernized to a clean/colorful feel on the inside. The restaurant uses locally-sourced ingredients and is inspired by the heritage of the land around it. Due to Minneapolis' large Scandinavian population, much of the food is Scandinavian inspired. 

For brunch, we had some traditional Smørrebrød, open-faced sandwiched, topped with great flavor combinations. 

It's a delicious and lively space, plus dogs are allowed, so it's a win-win. 

Pizzeria Lola

If you're going during dinner hours, be prepared to wait a  little while for a table at this popular pizza place a little bit outside of downtown. However, the wait is totally worth it and you can even take photos in their own photo booth and then showcase your cute photos on the wall. 

They have a large and eclectic menu of different pizzas so it's easy for everyone to find something that they'll like. 

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

This is Leslie Knope's paradise. This cute waffle bar offers many different sweet and savory options and all are delicious. We had the Strawberry Shortcake Waffle and the Apple Strudel Waffle and both were delicious.  


Minneapolis is becoming a fast-growing hotspot for coffee roasters and cafes. There's a few national known roasters calling Minneapolis home, not to mention coffee importer Cafe Imports. There's also a few small companies manufacturing roasters, needless to say, Minneapolis is a full fledged coffee metropolis. 

While we were there, we visited Spyhouse, The Bachelor Farmer Cafe, Anelace, Dogwood Coffee and Wesley Andrews (check out our blog post). If you visit, do Dogwood first. Two amazing espresso blends to suit any taste buds from milky sweetness, to acidic and floral fruit bombs, if you're into that kind of thing.