Stories: Organically Becca

At Say Hello, Story, one of our largest focuses is on telling people's stories, as our name suggests. Through our photography, we will also take the time to tell the stories of the individuals, families, couples, etc of those that we photograph. 

Today, we're telling the story of Becca Tetzlaff, a Milwaukee resident that works on a creative design team during the day and educates the world on organic living at night. This is her story:

Becca was introduced to organic living through her husband, Jon. Jon grew up with a family that gardened and he introduced her to organic food and the importance of clean eating. 

This opened her eyes to organic eating, but she didn't start thinking about organic products, especially makeup, until she met a woman at the airport who told her about all of the products and toxins that were currently in her makeup. 

Since then, Becca has fully embraced organically living and has been passionate about spreading the word about how living organically can positively change your life. 

She has had many friends reach out to her and ask her what products to use and Becca thought that there may be other people out there with the same questions. So she started her blog, Organically Beccaover a year ago. 

Her largest mission with her blog is educating individuals on the ingredients used in the foods we eat and the products we put in and on our bodies. 

"It's so important that people learn ways to reduce their toxic load because, in reality, it adds up quickly," Becca said. 

She talked about how the ingredients in our cosmetics in the United States are not thoroughly regulated like they are in other countries. She wants to change that through her support of Au Naturale's #CleanBeautyRevolution.

Becca's been overwhelmed with the positive response to her blog and has quickly grown an active audience where she's built a community around living clean. 

You can check out Becca's blog here. Be sure to stop on by and give her some love.