Milwaukee Patio Series: DanDan

It is finally patio season in Milwaukee and one of our favorite things is eating outside. We wanted to start a series on the blog that showcases all of the best patio spaces in Milwaukee that are also dog friendly (because obviously we have to take River). 

For our first feature, we went to DanDan, a Chinese(ish) restaurant in the third ward. Founded by two guys named Dan, this restaurant combines Chinese cuisine and Midwest Culture. Their brand is super fun and sarcastic, which makes it a good experience from the start. 

Dan Dan's patio is a beautifully lit space with an open feel, filled with wooden tables and benches. The second we sat down, they brought River some her own little water bowl, so we knew it was going to be a good place. 

We ordered three different dishes off of their menu and every one of them was different and enjoyable. 

Our Crab Rangoon was served with sweet and sour sauce with the perfect amount of kick to it. 

Next, we tried their chicken wings, which were absolutely fabulous. Prepared in a pepper sauce, these wings also had a sweet, sugary taste on top, which made them super delightful. The sugar really helped balance the spice, so it wasn't too overwhelming. 

Lastly, we were so intrigued by the idea of walnut shrimp that we had to try it. It was as delicious as it sounds (unless you don't like walnuts, then don't get this). Prepared with candied walnuts, honey, and condensed milk and served on the perfect sticky rice, this dish felt like you were eating a dessert---which, as if you couldn't tell, we're all about. 

We would definitely recommend splitting this dish, because it was super rich due to the condensed milk. 

Dan Dan is located at 360 East Erie Street in Milwaukee. 

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