Penny Snark

Pin-up queen and modern day Snow White, Jenny, is a Milwaukee-based fashion blogger who is changing the way we perceive fashion and ourselves. 

Jenny first started blogging in college, but found it hard to publish consistent content while being a student. She took a break, started blogging about Milwaukee and now last May, she started her new blogging adventure: The Sconnie Sling. The Sconnie Sling is a little slice of the internet that celebrates vintage fashion, geekiness, and woman empowerment. 

Jenny's first experience in the pinup fashion community was at Dapper Days at Disney World last year where she met other like-minded fashionable ladies. It inspired her to keep going with fashion blogging. 

Her favorite part about fashion blogging has been the connections she'd made with other women in the community. 

"I think a lot of people have this assumption that women who care a lot about fashion are vain or close-minded or judgmental, but it's really not true," Jenny said.  "The women that I've met through the pinup scene have been so supportive and always about building each other up."

Through blogging and Instagramming, Jenny has met many great women who encourage each other to be their true selves. Jenny hopes to spread this encouragement to all of her follower and hopes she can encourage people to be unafraid to be their true selves. 

"We all spend too much time second-guessing ourselves and denying ourselves happiness out of fear," Jenny said. 

One way that Jenny was able to take control of her own fear was through selfies. 

"People can be really judgy about selfies, but taking photos of myself has had such a big positive impact on the way that I see myself," Jenny said. 

In the future, Jenny hopes to continue to help others to normalize, understand, and celebrate their own bodies. She also hopes to someday collaborate with designers and makers on a curated collection or dress. 

If you're interested in collaborating or just want to say, "hey!", check out Jenny on Instagram and over on her blog!