On Being Whimsical

It's always so strange to look back at your childhood and compare the person you were then to the person you are now. It's even more terrifying when you get into the middle-school years and you think about the wanna-be punk rock, goth girl you used to be (strong emphasis on the "wanna-be"), but that's a story for another time. 

This past weekend, I took a little time to be a tourist in my own city with my dear friend, Zhenya (from Being Zhenya), and we went to check out The Domes. 

As a kid, I remember The Domes (a set of three conservatories) being huge spaces that transported me to other worlds, with millions of plants and birds that I could easily get lost in. 

As an adult, however, while still magical, The Domes seemed to be so much smaller. It's strange how as a kid you can build something up to be so massive and other-worldly in your mind. 

Like I said though, just because I grew bigger, doesn't mean that The Domes weren't any less magical. My least favorite dome used to be the desert dome (I was never a fan of warm weather), but as an adult, I found it to be my favorite. I loved all of the cacti and succulents and I even made a new bird bestie. 

                                                                                                     Shirt:  LOFT //Skirt:  Target

                                                                                                    Shirt: LOFT//Skirt: Target

Sometimes I wish that I could go back in time and have the imagination that I used to have. It's incredible to think that every place I encountered as a kid could be a crazy magical world inside of my head. The possibilities were endless and the world had no limits. While it's good to be practical (sometimes), there's something whimsical in breaking through the "real" world and thinking about what could be.