Milwaukee Patio Series: Palomino

Both of us are huge fans of Southern comfort food and some great southern dishes can be found at Palomino, located in Bayview. 

On the outside Palomino looks like any other Wisconsin bar. Shimmering neon and cream city brick are familiar greetings, but Palomino isn't just any ole Wisconsin bar. Real and real good southern food, a fantastic beer and liquor menu, and southern decor that would make a Texan proud are just a few of those details.

The patio at Palomino is super inviting and is decorated with little gardens that separate you from the street. There's not much car traffic to begin with, but it really helps you feel secluded!

One of our favorite things to get from Palomino is the Mac and Cheese (Kaitlyn thinks it's the best in Milwaukee). It's made with Pimento peppers and has a perfect bite of spice with it's cheesy goodness. 

Palomino also features pies and desserts from Honeypie Cafe, which is the best pie in Milwaukee. We would highly suggest trying their salted honey or salted caramel pies. 

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